Frequently Asked Questions

    Some frequently asked questions

    • What is EnRoute?

      EnRoute is an Ingress Controller API Gateway built using Envoy Proxy. EnRoute is completely cloud-native and can be configured using it's easy-to-use interface. CRDs can be used to setup EnRoute. Using the configuration provided by the user, EnRoute computes Envoy configuration to program it

    • How can I try EnRoute

      When installing EnRoute through helm charts, the community edition of EnRoute is automatically selected. The repository location in helm chart points to the community edition.

      The open source version can be accessed using the github repository

      To try the enterprise version, get in touch with us.

    • Is EnRoute Open Source ?

      EnRoute has an OSS version that can be accessed on github repo

    • How do I upgrade to enterprise version of EnRoute?

      Upgrading to Enterprise version of EnRoute is extremely easy. EnRoute enterprise versions are hosted in a separate repository and can be used to run the Enterprise version. You can get in touch with us and we can help you out with it.

    • Is EnRoute a Service Mesh?

      EnRoute is an Ingress Controller API Gateway. It is used to manage traffic entering a Kubernetes Cluster.

      EnRoute is not a service mesh. EnRoute integrates with a service mesh like Istio and Linkerd.

    • What is the difference between Open Source, Community and Enteprise Version?

      EnRoute open source is minimal, while community edition is closed source but has a lot more features compared to open source. The support in community version is through community slack. The Enterprise version of EnRoute has additional features, a dedicated slack support channel compared to community version.

    • Is EnRoute FIPS Compilant?

      Yes, we provide a FIPS ready image for each EnRoute Enterprise version. You can contact us if you need more information.

    • What is the story behind our Name and Logo?

      The name Saaras comes from a crane, that is found in the Indian sub-continent. It has an ability to surmount heights while it takes a flight over the clouds. To rise above the clouds is the essence on which we built Saaras

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